Floral Design for Weddings and How Much It Will Cost

The Role Flowers Have Played in Weddings

The use of flowers for decoration has long played an essential role in wedding ceremonies and celebrations worldwide. Beyond their alluring fragrance and appealing visual aesthetics, flowers have historical and cultural significance that many still wish to honor during what is considered one of the most important days of the couple’s life.
When bathing regularly was not the norm in Victorian times, the fragrance of fresh flowers was especially important for masking any body odor during the ceremony. Flowers were also regarded as a way to express your feelings when words did not seem adequate. They are still given as a gift of loving expression today and may explain why the bride and groom give boutonnieres and bouquets to members of the bridal party and close family members.
Many of the popular flowers for use in weddings also hold cultural significance. They are therefore regarded as a significant expression of a person’s faith and traditions. For example, peonies are extremely popular in some cultures because they are believed to bring wealth, happiness, and good fortune to the new couple.
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The Brides Bouquet

One of the best-known and beloved wedding traditions that involve flowers is the bridal bouquet. It sets the bride apart no matter what she is wearing and makes her easily identifiable to wedding participants and strangers alike.
There are no set rules that stipulate what flowers a bride must use in their bouquet, but there are definitely a number of flowers that are highly popular and seen again and again in this particular grouping. Roses are thought to be the most popular choice and often take center stage in a bridal bouquet. Roses have come to represent love, passion, purity and many other attributes that are more than fitting for a bride to carry with her down the aisle. Aside from being a beautiful flower, roses are available at any time of the year, which makes them easily accessible and a more cost-practical choice than other popular choices.
As an example, Business Insider found that depending on the time of year and where you live, a single rose can cost anywhere from $3.00 to $8.00. Valentine’s Day is a major factor where the price is concerned, whereas location, although still a factor, affects the price to a lesser degree. Prices in Los Angeles start around $3.00, whereas in New York, they can start as high as $5.00 per bloom.
From the above prices, it’s pretty easy to see how quickly the numbers start to add up, and roses are generally thought of as reasonably priced as long as you avoid the month of February.


The bridesmaids typically carry a bouquet similar to the bride but on a smaller scale and not as elaborate. Beyond tying the bridesmaids to the bride, there is not the same cultural significance. It is a nice way to continue the overall look you wish to achieve during your celebration and can be a keepsake for your bridesmaids to remember the Day.

Grooms and Groomsmen

The groom and his groomsmen typically wear a boutonniere that takes elements from the bride’s bouquet and consists of either a single bloom or a small collection of blooms. The groom’s boutonniere is usually more elaborate than the others to differentiate him. Boutonnieres symbolize the fragility of life and love undefined.
You may also wish to have boutonnieres for the bride and groom’s father, ring bearers, ushers, and grandfathers if you wish.


Centerpieces are a way for many couples to express their creativity and personalize their wedding, often giving their guests a fun look into some of their favorite hobbies or interests. There are many creative ideas out there, but many people still use flowers as the center point of these decorations.
Centerpieces are also a fun way to give a lucky guest a little something extra to take away with them. There might be a game that is played to win it, or if guests are seated as a family, it can be a pleasant memory of the Day for them to take home and enjoy.

Decorating the Room

Beyond the aforementioned arrangements, many people may wish to add flowered arches or other displays for photo opportunities and to add to the aesthetic of your ceremony and reception. Larger displays of this kind will take more time and could add significantly to your overall budget as you will most likely have to extend your room rental to accommodate the set-up and tear-down of the arrangements.

Floral Design Packages

Depending on how elaborate you wish to get with your decorations, you may want to purchase a package from a florist. Planning all the floral elements of a wedding separately can be highly stressful, and a package can give you peace of mind knowing that all parts of your design wishes will be taken care of by one person.
Floral packages can generally come in basic, standard and deluxe. They may include some or all of the following depending on your budget:
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids bouquets
  • Toss bouquet
  • Boutonniere
  • Groomsmen boutonniere
  • Large box of petals
  • Ceremony arrangements
  • Centerpieces
  • Reception arrangements
If you are looking to save money but still want to maximize your floral arrangement, why not try a do-it-yourself kit? This is a popular new trend that sees the florist send you everything you need – wire, ribbon, pre-sectioned flowers and vases and you assemble them yourself. This could be a great project for your bridal party and can help to save money. Speak to your local florist to see if they provide this option, or search online for do-it-yourself kits.
Another option that is becoming increasingly popular is flower rentals. All floral decorations are made up of silk flowers and accompanying greenery. This option appeals to many people who are opposed to excess waste and budget mind couples alike. Your local florist may have connections, or an online search of wedding flower rentals will point you in the right direction.

What You Can Expect to Pay

Pricing can vary widely depending on the flowers you choose and how extravagant you wish to go with your decorations. Still, according to Statista.com the average American spends about $2,000 on flowers for their wedding.
According to Value Penguin, the most expensive flower that you could buy (long-stemmed Orchid, Phalaenopsis) could run you as much as $98.00 per stem. So you can easily see that having orchids be the star of your arrangements could inflate your costs exponentially.
On the more reasonable end of the scale, carnations generally run from $1.75 – $2.28 per stem, and standard tulips run about $2.28 per stem.
Another thing to consider when looking at price is labor. The above prices are only for the flowers themselves and do not take into account the florist’s time and skill. Depending on the florist and how intricate your designs are, you may end up spending 3 – 5 times more than the base price of the blooms.
Two more factors to consider when looking at the price are availability as well as supply and demand. It is recommended to do some research on your chosen flowers to make sure that they are not out of season in your area. Following trends such as succulent bouquets or bouquets of dried flowers may also raise the price as these particular arrangements will be in high demand and may be difficult to acquire.

How to Find a Florist

Finding a florist can be a tiring process, but thanks to modern-day technology, pursuing potential providers can be done from the comfort of your own home. You can conduct a google search but have to wade through thousands of listings that may or may not be relevant.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive collection of local and international florists, the following resources may be quite helpful.

This directory will allow you to search florists across the U.S.A and globally if you wish. This listing could be beneficial for anyone planning a destination wedding.

FTD or Florists’ Transworld Delivery is a leader in the floral industry and boasts a massive network of 16,000 florists across the U.S and Canada that can be searched by location and event type.

When choosing a florist, it’s always a good idea to check reviews both on the florist’s website and perform an independent web search. This ensures that you have a good idea of what to expect from your florist ahead of time.
Whichever direction you choose to go with your floral designs and whether cultural and historical traditions are essential in the planning of your wedding, using flowers and greenery to accentuate the aesthetic of the Day can play an integral role in telling your personal story.