The 7 Best Online Floral Design Schools

Floral Designers and Florists create beautiful floral arrangements that are used for a variety of occasions. All over the world, unique floral creations have been used to decorate weddings and large-scale events, including solemn occasions such as commencement ceremonies and funerals. These masterpieces have the versatile ability to provide a splash of fun and color to liven up happy celebrations while also offering comfort and serenity to more somber ones.
Whatever the occasion, Florists and Floral Designers know just what to do to make celebrations extra meaningful. Although creating floral arrangements might seem easy to the untrained eye, it actually takes long hours and extensive training to know the correct flower combinations and techniques to use depending on the occasion. If you are planning to become a Florist, read on to learn more about the industry and the best online floral design courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home.
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How to Become a Florist and Floral Designer

Floral Designers are passionate, creative, and excellent communicators. Not only do they have an eye for creating beautiful arrangements, but they can do it while also taking into account their client’s ideas and specifications. If you have a passion for working with colorful flowers and want to create meaningful art with them, then becoming a Florist or Floral Designer might be the perfect job for you. Training and practicing the craft takes hard work and determination, but it can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career. To know if you are suited to a life of color and creativity, here are some of the essential duties and responsibilities you will be expected to perform regularly as a Florist:

  • Start your day extra early to pick out the freshest flower supply
  • Manage heavy workloads, especially during holidays and special occasions
  • Perform long hours of physically demanding work every day
  • Stay in low-temperature working environments for most of the workday
  • Work with a host of different people such as clients and suppliers
  • Attend lots of training and hands-on practice sessions
  • Possess intense organizing and planning skills for proposals, inventory, and design
  • Remain calm and level-headed during unexpected and stressful situations that may come up
  • Commit to a life of continuous learning by keeping up-to-date with current trends
According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average wage that Florists and Floral Designers earn is $14.01 an hour, which amounts to around $29,140 per year. Higher-earning Florists reported annual wages amounting up to $43,150. Most Floral Designers work full-time hours, with most working overtime during peak seasons and certain holidays.

Requirements and Certifications to Become a Florist and Floral Designer

As of this writing, there are currently no educational requirements or certifications required to practice Floral Designing in the United States. However, attending relevant training and classes will undoubtedly become an advantage if you plan on entering this field. Aside from learning about the fundamentals of the job, taking Floral Designing classes will also arm you with valuable insights and much-needed hands-on training to prepare you for the industry.
The same thing applies when it comes to certifications. Although earning a certificate is not a requirement to become a Florist, acquiring one would give you an edge in the field and set you apart from others while having tangible proof of your competence as a high-standard professional. The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) is the largest national organization that recognizes and certifies professionals in this career. You can earn two levels of certifications from the AIFD, and each comes with its own set of requirements and skillsets. Depending on your capability and expertise level, you can either apply for a Certified Floral Designer (CFD) certification or the more advanced Accredited Member of the AIFD certification.
If you are planning to one day establish your own floral business and provide services directly to clients, it would be a great advantage to take university courses related to Business Management, Marketing, and Accounting. Running a business is a whole other field apart from Floral Designing, and learning about the ins and outs of the trade will be crucial to your company’s success.

The Best Online Floral Design Institutes

Although there are no educational requirements needed to work in this field, most employers would be looking to hire those who have at least a High School or GED diploma. Aside from this, several schools and universities around the nation now offer courses related to Floral Designing. These classes are designed to give you the necessary skills, knowledge, and hands-on training to become a successful Florist. Since most of the world is now shifting to more remote interactions, many of these institutions now offer fully online-based courses, making it more convenient for those whose schedules and lifestyles are geared towards online learning. Here are seven of the best online Florist schools to get you started on your journey:
1. Penn Foster Career School
Penn Foster offers an online Floral Design Career Diploma that will prepare you for a lucrative career in Floral Designing or even establishing your own floral business. They teach everything from basic floral tools and techniques to identifying and working with different types of flowers and plants through various procedures. Fundamental principles of design are essential for potential Floral Designers to learn, and Penn Foster provides ways for you to learn and actively understand how it works, resulting in arrangements that are pleasing and appropriate for whatever occasion. Their curriculum includes nine courses that can be started anytime on a self-paced basis. The total cost of the program is $799, with monthly payment plans available.
2. Team Flower Academy
Team Flower Academy offers numerous Floral Designing programs for every experience level. With entry-level, intermediate, advanced-intermediate, and advanced courses available, you will be able to join a class that would be the perfect fit for your Florist experience. Each course includes thousands of pages of notes and resources, more than 200 instructional videos, 60-plus hours of content, and 15 extensive lesson plans for your particular course level. Personal one-on-one coaching with a seasoned professional is available, and you will get a certificate of completion after finishing a course. They come up with new classes every month to keep their members updated on the current floral trends and industry techniques. Team Flower Academy requires a monthly payment of $49 to maintain your membership.
3. Flower School 101
American School of Flower Design offers an online-based Floral Design class personally taught by Michael Gaffney, a Floral Design professional who has been working in the industry for years, authored three books on the topic, and even appeared on several major networks teaching the craft of Floristry. Upon signing up for the course, you can choose up to two designs you want to learn from their extensive list of floral arrangement designs that includes wedding arrangements, centerpieces, bouquets, and vase designs, among others. You will then be shipped a whole box of fresh flowers overnight to be used for creating your chosen arrangements, as well as access to step-by-step video lessons, all for $150.
4. Floral Design Institute
Floral Design Institute offers an Online Floral Classes Certification apart from their physical classes held in Portland, Oregon. The content of the training for their online course, as well as the certifications, letters, and privileges awarded at the end, are the same as their in-person classes. The Institute offers Basic and Advanced Floral Design classes depending on your experience and expertise in the field. Courses include 31 extensive instructional modules that provide a complete and hands-on experience in the industry. You will be required to pass two final exams to be qualified for a certificate. Programs cost $2,250 for their basic class and $950 for the advanced class.
5. Ashworth College
Ashworth College offers Floral Design classes that are affordable and fully online-based. Programs include customized and illustrated lessons, comprehensive study guides, extensive videos that demonstrate design styles and techniques step-by-step, a floral design supply kit, and a career diploma upon graduating from the course. You will also be given a chance to attend and participate in their live commencement ceremony. Aside from the necessary skills and techniques that every Floral Designer must know, Ashworth College also includes lessons on practical business knowledge for those planning to establish their own floral business. Classes cost $849, with a flexible monthly payment plan available.
6. Domestika
Domestika is a community of experts and professionals that offer intensive courses for their crafts. They have a wide array of Floral Design classes taught by seasoned Florists, such as this course on Design and Creation of Floral Compositions by ORA The Floral Agency. This program allows you to combine colors, textures, and fragrances to produce a well-made, visually pleasing floral arrangement. The course is taught by Juliana Bustillo, the creative director and founder of ORA, The Floral Agency in Colombia. Fully online and self-paced, this program includes 16 lessons and 11 additional resources. With over 10,000 satisfied students, of which 99 percent left positive reviews, Domestika is an excellent way to dive into the world of Floral Designing for $10.99.
7. Skillshare
Similar to Domestika, Skillshare is also a platform where professionals and experts share their knowledge and teach courses. There are currently 22 classes on their website that offer numerous Floral Design lessons, with some courses positively rated by thousands of students. From beginner-friendly floral arrangement designs to advanced centerpiece techniques, you will be able to find the perfect course in Skillshare, whatever your level of experience in the industry. With shorter lessons and more specific topics, this is perfect for beginners who want to see if Floral Designing is the right fit for them without having to commit to an entire program and a hefty fee. All of their floral design classes will be accessible for a monthly membership fee of $32.